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The 10 Commandments of Creative Marketing

1-Twist the models!

You love the SWOT, this situational audit tool that allows you to step back and build your strategic vision. What if threats became opportunities? … Question what does not seem to be possible: an emerging competitor? … the opportunity for you to reaffirm your positioning, your distinct competence, to refocus…

2-Dream your brand…

Dreamy thinking and marketing go hand in hand. We are talking about vision, so exercise it! … Imagine your future successes and note your stages, processes, conditions for success: There will inevitably be present contributions in this area that are possible and very realistic.

3- Targeting exploration

Do you focus on customer orientation? So, change your shoes! … Become your client and explore his journey before, during and after the transaction… What favorable conditions and what obstacles do you experience, he experiences?

4- Combine your plan

Transition from strategic to operational? Do the wheel… the magic wheel! Positioning, objective, target, message, support: A "puzzle" assembly of 5 fundamentals that will guarantee you consistency and real choices...

5- Mix your briefing…

Internal specifications or agency briefing; in a good briefing, there is the solution! To make it complete, effective, useful, consider your problem from all angles: allegory, the 5 whys, projective drawing, antithesis, reformulation... everything is good to get to the heart of your subject... for you and your colleagues.

6- Brainstorming

Respect the divergence/convergence couple: Produce as many ideas as possible and defer your judgement... the meeting serves to open the field, explore as many avenues as possible, think outside the box... Allow everyone to be in this orientation before diverging and go back to your specification.

7- Change method

Habits, although reassuring, lack creativity! Appropriate new tools: mental map, bisociation, discovery matrix... Alternate the tools to find your dynamics and stimulate your ideas.

8- Be an angel!

You are not on the same “Page” with your colleagues on a proposal? Apply the “angel advocate” approach… Listen, immerse yourself in this idea, which is not yours, reformulate it and argue in its favor, extracting the best from it… You have changed your point of view, you bounce back, you find compromises.

9- Feed your creativity

As Lavoisier said "Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed"... Don't panic... all the good ideas are around you, you just have to collect them, and transform them to adapt them in your case, what you will be able to do thanks to your expertise. So: get it, watch out, benchmark!

10- Do something else...

Think of Einstein: “Insanity is always behaving the same way and expecting a different result.”

Change! … meeting partner, idea production tool, point of view on your product, evaluation grid… way to come to the office!

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