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Marketing & Communication

The magic words in Marketing & Communication are :

- Motivations

- Customer

1-Motivation :

Magic words relative to motivations:

Beyond the needs we express, we have deep motivations. We have identified seven of them which we group together under the acronym REPERES. For each of the motivations, we find terms that correspond:

Recognition: Stand out, position yourself, Convince, Differentiate, Appearance, Progress, Achieve, Decide, Perform, Value...

Ethics: Give, Procure, Help, Educate, Satisfy, Offer...

Price: Increase, Save, Earn, Benefit, Decrease, Reduce, Own, Develop, Optimize, Profit, Promote, Invest, Manage, Get Rich...

Emotion: Accompany, Help, Embellish, Pleasure,

Renewal: Create, Discover, Innovate, Change, Design, Diversify, Modify, Evolve, Find, Adopt, Reveal, Renew, Invent, Establish, Extend, Anticipate...

Effectiveness: Prove, Try, Facilitate, Avoid, Simplify, Count on, Arrange, Allow, Propose, Arrange, Delegate, Outsource, Monitor, Choose, Adapt, Guide...

Security: Protect, Maintain, Ensure, Guarantee, Resist, Conserve, Safeguard, Reassure, Secure, Keep, Preserve...

2-Customer :

The customer speaks. He speaks to you, advisers, on social networks... So, by listening to him, we hear his words, his own words. So, listen to what he says and:

-How does your client talk about your brand, your sector?

-What perception, level of knowledge, what use?

-What expectations, what need?

-What relationship with your company, the brand?

Then, organize your collection of verbatims (Commercial Language/Marketing & Sales Pitch):

-From your sales team.

-On your website.

-In your physical outlets.

-Via surveys.

-On user and comparator forums/blogs.

-In your database.

-By "Googling" your company, brand, product.

-During trade fairs.

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